Vores samarbejde med Sanofi

After Dulcolax’ main competitor came back on the market after almost a year of out-of-stock, we, at Sanofi wanted to keep our leading position in the constipation category. Our Social media campaign has definitely been paying off since Dulcolax managed to increase our sales baseline compared to 2018 when none of the competitors were out of stock.

We are excited to continue working together with Mindshare in this category where taboos and misconceptions are very well present. One of our main objectives is to continuously give informative advice on constipation and digestive health in general and offer the most optimal treatment for each sufferer. This is what we are trying to develop and optimize thanks to our SEO/SEM project with the great team at Mindshare.

Er du nysgerrig på at høre mere? Eller har du spørgsmål? Så er du meget velkommen til, at henvende dig til vores Mindshare team!

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